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Steve Lee may be the only disabled Chinese comedian working in America. His comedy is mainly centered around living with disability and racism, and his content is remarkably original. Rather than being encumbered by stereotypes, Steve is vitalized by them, and winks back at us through their transparencies. He blends storytelling and punchlines to convey his belief that we are all equal - equally ignorant, fallible, weird, and wanting to be free. For Steve, comedy is a way to get people to laugh about their own shortcomings, including himself. Audiences are left feeling like they've witnessed a rare talent at work.

His act has a level of polish one would expect from a two-decade veteran, and it has won him expanding fanbases on two continents. He is a staple at comedy clubs in the Bay Area, where he lives, and has been the opening act for headliners like Brad Williams and Brent Weinbach. He also performs frequently in Hong Kong, China, leading many to suspect that he may be a spy. He isn't. Or is he?
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Thanks Greg Williams for a guest set at the Lillie Mae’s. #comedy #SantaClara #standupcomedy (at Lillie Mae’s House of Chicken and Wafflez)

Awesome tour at the Albany City Hall

27th New York Volunteers 1861 Conserving Church’s Flag (at Albany City Hall)

Not so friendly escalator #disability #disabilityrights #funny #comedy

Steve Lee featured on Talentcall youtube page 

Wonder show with the awesome Jeff Applebaum! #comedy #NIghtlife #HarleyDavidson

#alamedafoodcoma #comedy #movie #warmovie #300 Aft did an awesome comedy set in a food truck event wut should I do next? How abt some gd old war movie huh? (at Century 20 Daly City)

A minority entertainer Sammy Obeid voice on America's TV diversity 

'…the median wealth of white households was 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households. Even though they’re no longer the majority of the population, white folks still hold the majority of the bank. Networks know this, and since they’re driven by advertising, and those ads target the viewers with the money, catering to white audiences needs to be a top priority. Anything else is ratings suicide…'

Just finished my storytelling set & it was an awesome feeling. Thanks the shout storytelling so much for having me. #Storytelling (at Grand Lake Coffee House)

Awesome show at Cobb’s Comedy Club on March 16 Sunday. Free guest list link below. (at Cobb’s Comedy Club)

Mr. Putin just wanna shower in the Crimea. He’s talking naked aggression to a new level.

Mr. Putin just wanna shower in the Crimea. He’s talking naked aggression to a new level.

Obituary: Maj. Kurt Chew-Een Lee, 88, was Korean War hero - Obituaries - The Sacramento Bee 

Maj. Kurt Chew-Een Lee, the first Asian American officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and a decorated Korean War hero, has died. Some say if he wasn’t a Chinese American officer he might have gotten the metal of honor.

…Maj. Lee suffered another bullet wound in his right arm during the successful operation, which enabled 8,000 Marines to escape annihilation…

It’s official! My luck ass made it to the laugh factory audition in my last night in L.A. #audition #LA #comedy #showbiz @thelaughfactory (at Laugh Factory)

Cool thing abt staying in Koreantown #Ktown #bubbleteaholic @boba_time @bobatime #Koreantown #LA #KimChi (at BobaTime)

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